faith。 (dragonclouds) wrote in thornfield,

icons of various things

Many months of icons. Fairly varied in subject matter. A mixture of various forms of illustration and photography, Jane Eyre, Poirot & Sherlock Holmes.

jane eyre



fictional detectives

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Oooh saved some of the illustration ones!
Taking ridiculous amounts of everything, of course &spades
Snagging a few Jane Eyre icons!
I took one JE and a lot of the illustration icons.
Thanks a lot :)
Poirot! I love you for making Poirot icons. ^_^ Saved most of them.
I saved a few from each category. Lovely stuff!
Whee, Poirot! Snagging a couple of those as well as some of the illustration & photography, thank you. :) These are lovely!
Oh, you so rarely see Poirot icons! Snagged most of them. <3
Great set! I've nominated #9 of the Jane Eyre icons over at costume_awards and will probably be nominating a few more from other batches before time runs out :-D
Snaffled a couple of the Jane Eyre ones ... love the moodiness of the compositions!
Taking one of the JE icons. :) Thanks! I'm going back through your Little Dorrit icons and taking heaps of those as well, now that I'm watching the miniseries.
Ah, Poirot! I've saved a few of them, but I also wondered, do you possibly have the base for this one (to save/use as an icon)?
Sorry, no I don't!