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thornfield's Journal

iconic goodness.
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Welcome to yet another icon
journal. Thornfield is
named after the home of the
classic Charlotte Brontë
romantic hero, Rochester.

And what will you find here?
All sorts of things. Fandom,
non-fandom. Art, fashion, film,
music, general beautiful people
and things. I just like making
icons of pictures that catch my
eye and I generally don't care
what they're of. I tend to make
icons of really obscure fandoms
as well and they don't go down
well but I like making them and
I'll use them myself so I'm not
going to stop for anything.

I have to say that, if I were to
have a speciality, it would be
'old things'. By that I mean old
photography of people, places,
things and old movies, movie stars.
Old art, old fashion. By old I
can mean 1950, I can mean 1500.
And I generally mean everything
in between.

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