faith。 (dragonclouds) wrote in thornfield,

little dorrit icons :]

I have a Dickens-track-mind at the moment (yes all one word) so I made more Little Dorrit icons because I can. I've also been re-watching Bleak House so it wouldn't surprise me if I made some more of those. Hurrah!

Please just don't mess about with them.
Credit is nice and whatnot.
But comments are nicer ;)

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I can't wait to see this *SIGH* :/

Very lovely set though.
I'm sure you will love it :) It really is as good as Bleak House - well, at least nearly as good, but it's lacking in attractive Welsh doctors ;)
OH!! You are my favorite!!! What a lovely set. (MOAR MOAR MOAR!!! /greedies!)
Oh, I'm so glad to see these. Just lovely. :) Taking...lots. (I still need to finish seeing this...)
Lovely icons from a lovely adaptation! I will be back. :)
Very nice! I've taken a couple and will credit when used.
Beautiful icons. I've grabbed a few and will credit if used.
These are gorgeous! I love your period icons :D Lovely colouring/shading and text.
I'm saving most of these and will be sure to credit. Thanks!
(Also looking forward to Bleak House icons if they're on the way... ;) )
Saving #13.. will credit! Thank you!! Gorgeous set here!